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News and Comments - 2

News: SIT still waiting for documents
Comm: They will only stand after getting the documents.

News: Elephant census to be conducted in May
Comm: And so, they are requested to stay put during that entire month.

News: Adopt new designs for government buildings
Comm: ..with separate wings for Bribery section in each floor.

News: Port trust drags TN govt to court
Comm: Seriously! Did they tie all the ministers from the Assembly and drag them?

News: India, China to account for half of world population by 2050
Comm: The other half will be Indians and Chinese settled in other countries.

News and Comments - 1

News: The worst is over for Team India: Sourav
Comm: Yes. From now onwards we will stay just worse.

News: Mumbai is the cheapest city to live in
Comm: Yeah right! Only when you are stinking rich.

News: Murthy seeks clarity on fringe tax
Comm: He needs to call and talk to Indian Govt's CALL CENTER, which, quite apparently, has been outsourced (insourced?) to Infosys.

News: Highway projects being speeded up
Comm: By constructing extra higways nearby, so that the real high way workers can use them to come to work.

News: Four airports identified for Airbus super-jumbos
Comm: And they are New York, London, Sydney and Chicago. People travelling to India will be able to take Airbus super-jumbos to these destinations. From there connections will be provided by Air-India, to Mumbai.

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