Invasion of Privacy for Celebrities

We need to have a new department called, something like, CELEBRITY NEWS DEPARTMENT. This will govern and regulate what and what-not the media can publish about the Celebrities and their families. I mean, in whole, it should control how the media treats them.

For example, publishing a news about an ACTOR or ACTRESS is fine. Publishing a GOSSIP about an ACTOR or ACTRESS is fine. But, why do the media publish news about their kids? Why cannot they give them a little room called 'privacy'?

If a Super-Actor's daughter is in love with a boy, who is totally not into public life (like a Cinema Star or a politician or a sports person etc), why do the media have to bother with that? Why does that girl have to go through all the publicity given to her love-life? Come on, she is not a celebrity..! If her Father is a celebrity, then it is not her mistake.

Even if she is in love with a young and popular actor, why should that be a news? They are not married yet right?

However if the CELEBRITY-KIDS get involved in a genuine 'newsable' item, like, inventing something or involving in a crime, then it is a different story. Like the rest of us, if they get involved in those things, then they can make it to the news. That is fine. But poking into the private life of them, when they try to live a normal life, is just not right.

That is why, we should have a department called CELEBRITY NEWS DEPARTMENT. What it will do is:

1. Will form a category called CELEBRITY.

2. Will identify various jobs and careers like CINEMA Profession, SPORTS, Politics and others as CELEBRITY category.

3. Then, to create a master list. This list will contain the names of those who are willing to enter into CELEBBRITY career, will have to declare that they are OKAY with the media publishing news and gossip about them. Any dispute, they can settle individually with the particular media, as they do now.

4. More importantly they can OPT-IN or OPT-OUT from media publishing news about their children or immediate family. This will apply only if their children are under 18.

5. For children older than 18, they should be able to SELECT where they OPT-IN or OPT-OUT from the publicity.

6. They should publish this list in a secured environment, like a secured web site. This can be accessed only by the media organizations.

7. And media must only publish information about those who are permitted in this list.

I am sure, the media will say that this will violate their 'freedom of speech' . But seriously, if you are a popular person, will you really like it if your stardom make your kid to struggle?

Think about that..!